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Terry Pidsadny is a musician and visual artist working in Toronto, Canada.  His experiences playing with a wide variety of music acts, including rock-folk-punk, jazz, stage, and theatre, conjoined with his artistic and photographic experiences around the world, have shaped his lyrics and song-writing style.  His first solo album (EP) titled “Glitch”, was released May 11, 2019.

Glitch is an exploration of our curious relationships with technology.  The lyrics seek to answer the modern questions we have in this world, such as... What happens when our security is compromised, and we fall in-love with our hackers?  What if we could make a back-up of the people we love most, just incase?  What would it be like to work on an Internet troll farm?  Find out the answers to these questions, and many more, on this quirky EP with a style that draws inspiration from the likes of The Cure, Bjork, The Killers, Metric, and Rush.

At the age of eight, Terry found an old accordion collecting dust in his grandmother’s basement.  Fascinated by the keys and buttons, not to mention the shiny red colour, his interest in music was sparked.  His parents, wishing to hearten his enthusiasm for music, enrolled him in the conservatory.  Once in high school, he came to realize that there was not a high demand for accordion players in any bands.  Persistent in his passion for music, he purchased an analog synthesizer, and later went on to study piano.  He spent much of his adolescent years in-and-out of almost any kind of school band he could join, including stage band, jazz band, and pit band (music theatre).  Outside of school, he worked on several rock music projects with life-long friend Chris McDonald (currently a professor of ethnomusicology and popular music studies at CBU).

Terry’s music career experienced an interruption in pursuit of Visual Art studies at University of Toronto and Sheridan College.  It was here that he discovered a keen interest in photography.  After graduating, he followed the path of a photographer and conceptual artist, exhibiting his work at public galleries and artist-run centres.  Much of his artwork was about exploring relationships between humans and technology.  His photography allowed him to experience many parts of the world, including a two-year project in Africa where he worked with photojournalists in Zimbabwe and surrounding countries.  He often draws on these experiences to inform his song-writing.

Currently, Terry writes and records music in his home studio in Toronto, and works in arts education.  He also works closely with singer-songwriter Alun Piggins (previously of The Morganfields) as a member of The Quitters, and other various projects.  As a multi-instrumentalist, he practices to develop his musicality in piano, keys, bass, guitar, drums, and voice, jumping to which instrument is needed at the time.

Glitch is his first solo album.

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